Friday, August 11


Surprisingly little is known about this member of the Book-Loop’s 2nd ever semi-annual class, but then again, there is surprisingly little to know. Fatalism becomes him; that much is clear. He is also a chronic sufferer of the ‘human condition,’ enjoys wild speculation on ‘the value of truth,’ and yet thinks himself healthily skeptical of ‘mere words.’ It is probably safe to conclude from these scant facts that he is an arrogant prick. Consistent with this last point, he recently determined that he prefers inverted commas to quotation marks. He is currently looking for a new place to live and new books to read. He would happily provide a list of favorite writers and thinkers but figures it will be painfully obvious to Book-Loopers before long where it is he is ‘coming from.’ More than anything else, however, he his very happy to be in the company of such illustrious men, and could only further wish for the company of some illustrious women.

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