Tuesday, June 6

Gotta start somewhere...

"I was thinking of how books can foster discussion between friends. I love the way a circle of friends will share books, lending and borrowing between each other. If that kinda thing was on a national scale, it could be kinda cool. Then again, it probably wouldn't work, but it was just a thought.

If it were based around a website, I would call it BookLoop.com or something like that. Note: I just checked that domain and it said, 'future home of book loop.'

So people could sign up and list all the books they had that they were willing to share with others, with the possibility of not getting them back. They would in turn list books they would like to find from other people. The website could match the requests and give the sender shipping instructions. Maybe you would earn a credit for each book you sent, which you then could spend to get one sent to you. Maybe you could use multiple credits to get more highly-requested books. Participants would be encouraged to make notes and such in the margins to foster a sense of community in the BookLoop users. In addition, the website could be a base for discussion, debate, reviews, recommendations, whatever."

- MJA, June 5, 2006

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