Wednesday, August 9

Loopers, ahoy!

Hi everyone, specifically Nick, Rafe, and LTS. You three should each create one post with your name as the title, and then I (or someone) will make the sidebar link to your profile. This post will be your profile which you can change at will. As long as you don't change the title of the post, the link will operate nicely.

Meanwhile, I've been busy battling Tally Hall and LA sewage, so I have not been Looping lately. Rest assured that will be rectified, though I wither a bit in the shadow of the eloquent and verbose actual writers in the Loop. Inspiration, not intimidation, I must remember.

An old man told me, "Your days are for running, and your nights are for dancing until it is day."


Ben said...

Good news, Knauss just bought a computer (a black MacBook called Mimi) and he promises to grace us with his presence and give us updates on his exciting med school reading once he gets settled in Chicago. Granted, these promises are probably as good as his word that he would attend our 408 Thompson parties, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Ben said...

Also, I expect a full write-up on Redwall by Mr. Sojo. Am I correct in recollecting that Michael is also a Brian Jacques scholar? Perhaps you two could debate the finer points of Salamandastron, Martin the Warrior et al.

LTS said...

Yeah, I caught some of the 'Battle at Tally Hall.' Great stuff! A man who believes in taking such strong positions is a man after my own heart.

And thanks again for having along a newcomer--I hope my 'bio' is more or less acceptable.

Ben said...

The bio is perfect.

Sadly the most illustrious woman that Mike and I know has failed to acknowledge our invitation.

By the way, this goes for everybody, if you have any friends you think might be interested in having a book-loop presence just give Mike or I their email address and we'll send them an ivite. Ply, you were thinking about inviting some folks, were you not?