Monday, November 19

Less reading, more cheating & the almighty book group

Three from the New York Times:

Study Links Drop in Test Scores to a Decline in Time Spent Reading

Part of an Oil Book Relied on Wikipedia

Publishers Seek to Mine Book Circles


MJA said...

Terrific idea for the reading project. Ben, I was wondering if you would like a little sidebar section at the top of the page about the winter reading selection? And also, did you eliminate my little book-loop introduction paragraph because it is trite? You might be right.

Who else can we get in on this reading group, as the gateway drug to full-on book-loop dimensia?

Ben said...

I think a paragraph in the sidebar is an excellent idea. It shall be done.

I apologize for the loss of your mission statement. It was not a calculated decision on my part. Quite the opposite. Your words were lost when I hastily altered the template.

In retrospect, perhaps it was a little trite. Plus, I think while the idea of sharing books is a great one in theory, it wasn't really taking flight. In fact, maybe that message right at the top was a bit of a deterrent for folks who stumbled across the blog or were invited to join and were left with the impression that there was some sort of commitment.

Nevertheless, as the blog grows so shall the potential for a return to the original inspiration for Book-Loop.

Anyway, as this whole deal was your idea, you may obviously put your words back in the margin as you see fit.

MJA said...

Yes, lower the bar for entry - the first hit is always free. I mean this in a good way.