Wednesday, July 11

An Open Letter To Marcel Proust

I must apologize. First, I’m sorry that you are dead — you would have loved the Internet.

Second, I’m sorry I couldn’t finish volume one (Swann’s Way) of your masterwork, In Search of Lost Time. I got 300 pages into the book, which is part one of what is considered possibly the greatest novel ever written. That’s two-thirds of the way through. But I just cannot finish it. It is probably my own loss, but I can accept that. I have moved on to Don DeLillo’s White Noise, something more contemporary and originally written in English. That will probably help. I just know that I had about 40 hours of flights/travel time and only mustered 100 pages of reading. There are many things that are hard that are worth doing, and reading your works is probably one of them for someone. For me, right now, it’s not. Though I did copy down some good quotes.

Third, I’m sorry about all that “Freedom Fries” bullshit from a few years back. Turns out you guys were right the whole time.

Your pal,


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Ben said...

Take that PROUST!

You're 0-2 on Book-Loop.

You can't handle the blogosphere, Frenchy!

Your lofty perch in the world of letters grows more precarious by the day.