Friday, July 27

The Plot Thickens

I still have no idea what a Beowulf really is, but at least some clues are on the way. The latest piece of the puzzle:


Kicking ass literature-style.


Ben said...

OKAY, now we're cooking with fire! We've got a movie and a videogame upcoming. We've got a few nice, new editions of the text with drawings. I think what we need next is a Dr. Seuss version (the tale will become much clearer with rhyme, I think) and perhaps a coloring book (hands on detective work). Better still, how about once of those hi-tech talking books. Ooh, or maybe a talking Beowulf doll. YES, a talking Beowulf, that should do the trick! We can simply ask it, "Beowulf, what are you, sir?" He will say, "Hi, I'm Beowfulf, I'm a ______, will you be my friend?" Get on it Mattel!

Ben said...

err, gas, we're cooking with gas.

Ben said...

Also, an official trailer: