Wednesday, December 5

Well hello, hello, hello!

The Brothers K read-through is officially underway! It seems like everyone who's definitely participating (Ben, Mike, Ryan, Ravi, Bryan) finally has a copy of the book. Might there be two more (Cat?, Brad?) joining us? We shall see.

I think people are about evenly spaced out between just (re-) starting and up to 250 pages in, but it doesn't matter all that much, yet: it's hard to talk about the book until you have a good foothold. I may post my own thoughts on The Grand Inquisitor chapter (from my understanding, the most famous chapter in all the book, and one of the more important chapters in literature, period), at some point in the near future, and then everyone can read it when they've gotten there. That's a good idea, actually: if you have thoughts on the chapter, just make a post with the chapter name as a title and people will know whether to read it or not.

Happy reading,


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