Tuesday, January 22

Nine bookstores worth a visit

The Associated Press reports. Come on AP, why you talking to bookstore owners and PR turds when you could have asked actual people who, you know, visit the bookstore for reasons other than to collect a paycheck. Informed book buyers, for example. Would that have required actually visiting the bookstore yourself? Booooooring. Well, you could have just called me then. My bookstore made the list, along with three others on our sidebar over there.

Elliott Bay Book Co.

101 S. Main St., Seattle; http://www.elliottbaybook.com/

Elliott Bay Book Co. is located in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square district, once the city's Skid Row but now known for nightclubs, galleries, sports arenas and architecture -- including the 1867 red-brick building that houses Elliott Bay.

Cedar shelves offer 150,000 new and used titles in rooms with exposed brick walls, and one or two readings are held every night. "It can be anyone from a first-time poet to Dave Sedaris returning for his 10th time," said Elliott Bay spokeswoman Tracy Taylor. "We had him here when nobody knew who he was and there were 15 people in the audience. He sang the Oscar Mayer song."

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