Friday, January 25

Peter Wilson gets the gas face

This is maddening. So you're gonna go to Sierra Leone, roll up your sleeves, dig in your heels, and do some nitty-gritty investigative journalism. Alright, that's great, we need more like you, Peter Wilson. Wait, what's that? You say you're not going to report on important issues confronting the people of Sierra Leone as we speak, you're going to leave that to noted scholar Kanye West? Ah, I see, you feel your time is better spent quibbling with the timeline laid out in the memoir of a former child soldier. A young man who survived a youth of unfathomable horror, was brought to the United States by UNICEF, earned a college degree, and is now dedicating his life to protecting the human rights he was denied. You say Ishmael Beah was 15 when he became a child soldier and not 13 as stated in his book. I say bravo, Peter Wilson, for chasing after this whale of a story with such gusto. Maybe for your next assignment you can go to the Congo and critique the cafeteria food in Dikembe Mutombo's hospital.

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