Friday, February 8

Media literacy

From the Guardian book blog, chatter regarding the inevitable takeover of the storytelling realm by video games. And the interesting assessment that we need "more real writers getting involved in making video games, not fewer." Also, thank you, Alastair Harper, for reminding me about Day of the Tentacle. What a freaking sweet game that was! And yet I had forgotten all about it. Anyway, Guardian blog:

When the popular novel was as new an idea as video games, the great and good were certain, as they were with early cinema, that no sophistication could come from this prose business, especially the sort of filth Samuel Richardson scribbled about.

They were proven wrong, as doubters will be about video games. As happened with comic books becoming graphic novels in the 80s, each year there are more developers willing to take risks with storylines, develop more complex moral situations and generally raise the bar so high that it's becoming plain ignorant for anyone interested in stories to ignore them.

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