Friday, October 3

Home again

Now is probably not the time for me to be reading Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides' wonderful-so-far heredity tracing coming of age with too many parts story. Because it's set in Detroit! (once the family in the story scoots overseas from more Greek(-ish?) parts of the world. I'm homesick, and this Middlesex business certainly makes it worse. I don't know if it's good or bad that I am heading back to Michigan this weekend, because the trip is painfully short.

But the familiar places (Woodward. I almost tear up just at the word!) are allowing me to imagine myself back home, and it feels good - in a painful, painful way. I think the story is heading towards some pain as well. Not that there has been a lack of hard times. War, genocide, incest, financial ruin. What's old is new again!

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