Tuesday, October 21

An interesting thing I read

Republicans in the state of Washington are doing everything they can to disaffiliate themselves from the Republican Party. A wise strategy at this point in our nation's history. You won't hear any affiliation mentioned on the candidates' television advertisements, nor will you see any their yard signs. Sadly, a similar approach extends to the actual ballot, where the state has allowed candidates to distance themselves from the past eight years with a party affiliation of their own choosing. I was thumbing through my State of Washington Voter's Pamphlet and found it littered with variations of the same theme: G.O.P Party, G O P Party, Grand Old Party. At least the last one isn't a Party Party. But there's one I found a cut above all the rest: "Cut Taxes G.O.P. Party." Ah, there's nothing like pandering on the actual ballot. When I run for office I fully intend to run as the nominee for the "Cut Death and Taxes... and Flood, Famine, Apocalypse, End of Days Party... Party of Good Party"

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