Saturday, October 25

An interesting thing I read II

When I grow up a want to write for a holiday gift catalog:
Like a stone dropping into still water, your gift ripples out for years to come, ending poverty, hunger and despair for families ... villages ... perhaps one day even entire countries. That's why we think this is The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World.
-Heifer International, Special 2008 Holiday Edition

Eating this for the first time is like taking your first promenade in Paris, France, when all you've known is Paris, Texas.
-Macroon Irish Oatmeal, Page 32, Zingerman's 2008 holiday catalog

Your nephew's favorite story is "The Billy Goats Gruff." His favorite outing is a trip to the petting zoo to feed the kids. Now it's Christmas, and every family member is buying him stuffed toy goats ... goat books ... even a goat poster! Rather than add to the growing collection of goat memorabilia, why not give a gift in his honor.
-Heifer International, Special 2008 Holiday Edition

I keep imagining that if I went to heaven, I'd discover this to be the oil the angels put on their salads. Smooth and olive-y, with a lemoniness that tickles your nose like the bubbles of a fine champagne.
-Argumato Lemon Oil, Page 23, Zingerman's 2008 holiday catalog

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